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From Fun to Serious

A lot can change in two years since Hurricane Sandy refocused Work Out World’s mission of Keeping Jersey Strong from fun to serious. To date, the Jersey Strong Foundation has raised over $200,000 to help New Jersey residents recover from tragedy. WE did this TOGETHER. Because TOGETHER we are Jersey Strong.

Share our Accomplishments by reading and watching Mary Roma’s full video blog post at her new weekly blog, Listen to Me. Be sure to text her for a Jersey Strong magnet at 732.328.7865.

Jersey Strong Foundation

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Lose the Extra Weight in 4 Weeks

Our WoWzers have done it again, reaching their fitness and weight loss goals. Not only can it be daunting to work towards a fitness goal, but it can be even harder to stay motivated, maintain progress without getting derailed, and set further goals to continue pushing yourself! Take it from our WoWzers and see just how Fit in 4 they became this season!

X-LAB at WoW

Congrats to Angela, our Fit in 4 Grand Prize Winner! Thank you for choosing Mary’s Place by the Sea to receive a matching donation from the Jersey Strong Foundation.

Congratulations to Angela, our Grand Prize Winner from WoW Freehold who lost almost 18% of her body fat in just 4 weeks! We couldn’t be more proud of her efforts for Keeping JERSEY STRONG with us and her commitment to creating a healthy lifestyle for herself with the help of our professional personal trainers. Angela received a Grand Prize of $1,000, and chose Mary’s Place by the Sea to receive a matching donation! Angela wasn’t the only one Keeping Jersey Strong during the Fit in 4 Challenge. Congrats to the first runners up as well! They are:
Shaun C. – WoW Tinton Falls
Peter T. – WoW East Brunswick
Carmen F. – WoW North Brunswick
Elaine A. – WoW Middletown
Arlene R. – WoW Ocean
Jacqueline D. – WoW Menlo Park Mall
Mary M. – WoW- Robbinsville
Tom H. – WoW Wall

Angela also isn’t accepting the Fit in 4 Challenge as the end to her fitness journey. Keeping up her momentum, she’s looking forward to continuing her Personal Training sessions as she sets new goals for herself. Are you looking to keep the momentum up without taking three steps back in your fitness progress? We have tips that will keep you on track outside the gym when you feel you’re losing motivation.

Start small with your fitness goals. Choosing a small goal will allow you to achieve it faster, so the feeling of reward encourages you to strive again. The Fit in 4 Challenge is a great example because you will start seeing results in less than month. Having a short term goal to complete, like drinking more water for a week straight, will diminish your chances of waiting too long to see results and giving up.

Just because you set short term goals, doesn’t mean you should ignore your long term ones. With these in mind, it’ll still motivate you for your weekly and daily goals. Are you striving to have more endurance to play with your kids, or to fit into that suit next summer? Deciding your long term goals will not only keep you motivated, they’ll help you figure out the best plan of action for your training.

Figure out which healthy foods you love. Depriving yourself of your favorite foods just simply won’t work, however, enjoying in moderation or finding alternatives will help you feel less like you’re making a sacrifice, and think more about the healthy choices you’re deciding to make. We could never give up pizza, but we can make a healthier version on pita bread, and add a side of fiber-rich veggies instead of eating half a pie.

Make sure your exercise is fun. You’re more likely to be dedicated to your workouts when it’s something you enjoy rather than feeling like a chore. Determine the exercises or classes you like so that you have something to look forward to during the week. Sometimes we’re at a loss figuring out which muscles to target, but we love small-personal training in X-LAB because we can gather all our gym buddies for one quick session and feel like we’re playing on our own adult jungle gym! In reality, we’re getting a butt-kicking workout without the stress of feeling like an obligation.

Do you use short term goals to stay motivated? Let us know how you keep up your momentum in the comments below!

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Fitness Fiesta

Launch weekend is upon is, and we are pretty excited to learn some new moves and prove that fitness can be fun (after all, this is like a weekend-long party for us)! We’re going to try and fit in as many Launch classes as we can into our own schedule, and, because of that, we need to fuel up right. Try out our hearty chicken quesadillas and some new Launch classes for a fitness fiesta weekend!

What we love about this recipe is how much fat you can cut out with just a few adjustments. We use a no-fat olive oil spray to grill chicken and saute fresh veggies, you can find this at your local grocery store, and it will probably become your new favorite part of cooking. Whole wheat tortillas and low-fat cheese make these quesadillas taste just like your favorite restaurant’s, without playing the guessing game of how much fat you’re consuming.

What you need:

1lb Chicken, cut into cubes
1 green bell pepper
1 yellow onion
1 jalepeno pepper (or more if you like more spice!)
1 bag shredded low-fat cheese (for each quesadilla you will use 1/4 cup serving)
1 package whole wheat tortilla rounds

Jersey Strong Kitchen

We made some protein packed quesadillas to fuel up for our fitness fiesta Launch Weekend in the Jersey Strong Kitchen this week!

Grill chicken, season as desired, set aside. We like to use a large saute pan, that way after our chicken is browned we can then use the same pan for our veggies (after wiping out some of the oils that have accumulated.) Slice peppers and onion, spray pan with your no-fat cooking spray, saute until softened, set aside. Now that you have all of your ingredients prepared, it’s quesadilla assembly time! This is a great time to get the kids involved in cooking and to help out adding what they would like in their quesadilla (and also to secretly have a lesson about portioning and cooking with fresh veggies!)

No need to switch pans, just spray your saute pan and place one tortilla round down flat. Add half of your cheese to one half of the tortilla. After a few seconds and the cheese is melted, add some of your chicken and veggies mix, at this time we season with garlic powder, top with remaining cheese (of the 1/4 cup serving size), and cover to allow cheese to melt, only a few seconds. Now you can fold your quesadilla and flip to ensure everything melts together.

Some tips to keep in mind:
When making your assembled quesadillas, heat should be no higher than medium to ensure you do not burn your tortillas. You can even spray the pan again before flipping over.
Add a few drops of hot sauce inside if you’d like to kick the spice factor up a notch.
Get creative and add whatever veggies you would like to your custom quesadillas!

Not only are these a great way for you to cut down on carbs and fat while getting a good serving of protein, they are also a great way to get the kids in on the cooking process and have fun customizing their own meal!

Are you as excited for Launch weekend as we are? Let us know what classes you’ll be trying out and how you prepare for a weekend of JERSEY STRONG fitness fun!

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Wake Up with WoW

As the sun sets a little later each day, at the end of the work day we just want to get comfortable on the couch, making the gym the last way we want to end the day. However, getting up early for a workout with cooler temps can be a bit tough, so we put together a list of foolproof ways to avoid hitting the snooze button and kickstart our day Jersey Strong!

Group Fitness Classes

Ensure your workout is a BLAST! Try out a Group Fitness class!

Get Motivated. Getting up earlier needs to be for a very good reason, so we checked out the Group Training schedule on the app and decided what better way to start the morning with an energized class like Kick or Blast? The high energy workout is the motivation we need to get out of bed bright and early and make sure to hit the gym on time.

Prepare. Don’t wait for 5am to come around and decide what you’re going to wear for your workout. Have it out and ready so all you have to do is reach around for it. Same goes for your pre-workout snack. Whatever your choice of nutrition is, make sure you to have it ready to go or easily accessible to prepare. We don’t want you to make any last minute decision to stay home, or get back into bed.

Sleep. Since you’re not going to be sleeping in, turn the TV off earlier the night before to get a good night’s sleep. It’s ok, you can DVR the new episode of American Horror Story and watch it when you get home from work, because you can…because you went to gym early.

Invite a Friend. Mary Roma will be the first to tell you “fitness loves company” so share your morning class with a friend. You don’t want them to be in Group Kick at 6am alone, so you’re more likely not to bail on the workout.

If your debating to try a Group Fitness class, new Group Training classes Launch next weekend! This means all of our Group classes will be revamped with new music, new moves, with everyone starting at the same place. Do you fit in your workout in the morning? What tricks do you use to motivate yourself for Keeping Jersey Strong early? Tell us in the comments below!

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Protein Packed Pizza

Not only is pizza one of our favorite indulgences, it’s also great for a quick meal when the family is rushing home from work, school, and back out to sports practice. While we want to argue pizza as a well balanced meal, (carbs, veggies, and dairy, what more could you ask for?) we have a simple recipe that can save you time and money when dinner time hits.

Requiring only a few ingredients to keep on hand, our personal pizzas can help you keep your calorie count in check, will take just as much time as calling and waiting 15-20 minutes for a take-out pizza to be ready, and will please everyone in your family since they can add on whatever toppings they choose, so your picky eater won’t fuss. Best of all, we like to pack on some protein to make our pizzas JERSEY STRONG.

Personal Pizza

Our baked egg on top let’s us indulge in our favorite food, while being filling enough not to regret it!

What you need:
Whole wheat pita rounds
Jar of your favorite tomato or pizza sauce
Package of low fat mozzarella cheese

What you can add:
Grilled chicken
Veggies: green peppers, onions, mushrooms, etc.
Spice it up: garlic, crushed red pepper, basil

Now for the fun part, assemble your pizzas!
Spray your baking sheet or foil with no fat olive oil spray to prevent sticking. Add up to 1/4 cup tomato sauce to pita. Top with 2 oz. low fat cheese. We like to crack an egg on top and have it bake right onto our pizza, this will call for a longer bake time as you’ll be able to judge when your egg is baked, but we love the added protein especially if we do not have grilled chicken already cooked. Bake pizza at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes, until cheese is melted.

Whether you want to get the kids involved in making their own pizzas, or just want to make your own personal pita pizza to control your portion size, these pita pizzas are a great way to be able to make something with few ingredients on hand, keep your calories low, and easily add protein to your meal.

What are your favorite toppings you’ll be adding to your pita pizza? Let us know how you’ll be topping your pizza with protein!

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Pantry Pickings

Think you need to hit the organic, gluten-free aisle of the supermarket to get all the ingredients needed for weight loss? Think again! You don’t have to break the bank to make some small changes that could make a big impact toward your weight loss goals! In fact, see which of these staples you already have in your pantry.AWW

Jersey Strong

photo credit: FitSugar

1. Tuna. Those cans of tuna should be put to use more than you think. More than just a lunch option, tuna is high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids that makes it a smart choice on busy nights to add to a salad or toast some bread for a crispy dinner sandwich.

2. Cayenne. As the temperatures drop, warm up your palette by adding spicy cayenne to increase your body temperature and rev up your metabolism. We also don’t mind that capsaicin in cayenne helps the brain release endorphins!

3. Green Tea. If you can control yourself to move away from the pumpkin spice lattes, choose a green tea instead. By boosting metabolism and suppressing your appetite, sipping on green tea in the afternoon will be a smarter choice than a creamy latte, save those treats for special day.

4. Cinnamon. Fall is the perfect time to be adding cinnamon spice to smoothies, recipes, and your morning oatmeal. The warm and nutty spice boosts metabolism, aids in digestion and could even help regulate your blood sugar. Add some to your coffee for extra taste can even help you cut back on sugar.

5. Soup. Soup is a warm weather staple, and if you make some at home you will cut down on a lot of calories and sodium. Substitute whole wheat pasta in your soup for lower carbs and high fiber, or lentils for a protein and fiber packed soup. So now is the time to call up mom, and finally write down her secret chicken noodle soup recipe.

What items do you already have in your pantry? Clean out your pantry this weekend to see what staples you can use in a new way for a JERSEY STRONG weight loss journey!   Find these tips and more at this article’s original source here.

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September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

Did you know one in 3 children in the United States is overweight or obese? Childhood obesity puts kids at risk for health problems that were once only seen in adults, like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Jersey Strong Kids

Make your Jersey Strong lifestyle a family affair! photo credit: Google Images

The good news is that childhood obesity can be prevented. Just as kids are back to school learning a new curriculum, make sure children learn the basics of a healthy lifestyle from the Jersey Strong parents! We’re using this month to raise awareness about the obesity epidemic to spread the word that childhood obesity can be prevented and steps can be taken towards a solution.

Teach kids how to pack a well-balanced lunch. Preparing lunch takes the question out of what’s on the menu, especially is certain cafeteria food may run out by the last lunch period.

  • Keep healthier snacks around the house instead of chips and processed snacks after school. Healthy snacking options don’t always have to be vegetables, whip up a fruit smoothie or add toppings into yogurt.
  • Recruit local doctors or nurses to support programs at school. Enlist the help of your school or local community to make healthy eating fun! After all, we all love those orange slices at half time, why not at lunch time?
  • Make your weekend workout a family affair. Let the kids join in on your run, or take part in your stretching and warmup exercises before you head to the gym.

How do you lead a Jersey Strong example for your children? Tell us how you pass on your healthy eating habits or some of your favorite healthy snacks!


Find this and more info here.

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Back to School Breakfast

Back to School Breakfast

Greek yogurt, banana blueberry breakfast!

Is school starting for the kids soon, or do you just need to leave a little early to avoid getting stuck behind a bus? Don’t let the start of school ruin your morning routine. There’s still time for breakfast, and with the make-ahead option you’ll always be prepared to eat at home or at the office. These layered mason jar prepared breakfast options make it easy to prep ahead, change up your flavors and will fill you up for a JERSEY STRONG day.

  1. Layer One – Protein
    At the bottom of your jar begin with a protein packed base that should account for around 200 calories. We’ve used Greek Yogurt, but you can also choose from oatmeal and quinoa. All options will ensure protein, potassium, calcium, and vitamins A and C.
  2. Layer Two – Fruit
    With blueberry season just about wrapping up, we pureed some blueberries and ½ a banana to create a fruit filling for our breakfast jar, and added the rest of the banana sliced on top. Switch up your breakfast mornings by slicing half a cup of fresh strawberries, peaches or chunks of pineapple.
  3. Layer Three – Nuts
    Nuts add a great added crunch to your breakfast as well as fiber and protein. We substituted whole or crushed nuts with our homemade nut butter for this blueberry banana jar. But beware of added calories and fats from over indulging on the nuts. A one ounce serving is just enough to top your breakfast jar. For added sweetness, treat yourself by subbing in cacao nibs.

Layer a few jars and refrigerate for a breakfast you can grab on the go. If you’re not in a rush sit back and enjoy your protein back breakfast the kids will love too!

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From Time Out to Touchdown

Have you gotten caught up in the last month of summer trying to fit in activities in the sun and with your kids realizing your workout seems to have been a thing of the past? Before you get nervous that you’ve lost progress after your time out from the gym, we’re here to reassure you that a little time off can still mean a touchdown for your fitness goals soon!

Work Out World

photo credit: Google Images

It happens especially in the summer, a whole month has gone by and you realize your weekly gym schedule has gone to the wayside. No cardio, no strength training, it’s just been you and the sun for the last month. You’re starting to realize that hitting up a few barbecues and ignoring the gym has caught up to you. Don’t feel discouraged though, because that month off doesn’t mean all of your prior progress has been lost. Ease back into your routine and start with about 75 percent of the resistance you were using before you break when strength training. Because you were Keeping Jersey Strong for so long before your break, you’ll see yourself right back where you left off in half the time!

Maybe you’ve only lost your edge strength training but you’ve managed to fit in some cardio this summer. However, without weight training the muscle mass lost has turned to fat. Follow the same 75 percent guideline to easily regain the strength you have lost from not maintaining your muscle mass.

Another common scenario is taking some time off after you’ve reached a fitness goal. Maybe you ran a 5k for the first time this summer or completed an obstacle run, and allowed yourself a few days to relax from all of the hard training you put in, only to find that a few days turned into a couple weeks. While this is easy to overcome, don’t expect to head back into your workouts at full force after time off from your peak competition level. A great way to get back into your consistent habits could be to sign up for another goal in early autumn, but this time train yourself to keep post race habits too!

Need some motivation to get back into your fitness routine? Our personal trainers will access your level and help you jump back into your fitness regimen to ensure you challenge yourself without injury after time off. Start Keeping Jersey Strong with a free session today!


Find these tips and more from this article’s original source here.

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What You Need to Know About the Ice Bucket Challenge

Keeping Jersey Strong

We couldn’t help but include a shot of our Regional Sales Director Kevin taking on the ALS Ice Bucket challenge!

You’ve seen all your friends throwing buckets of water on themselves, but you can’t seem to get your head around how all this bucket tossing is really helping ALS. Better yet, what does ALS stand for? You’ve come to the right place. In an effort to Keep JERSEY STRONG, we’re going to give you a breakdown on ALS and point out just how much of an impact the viral ice bucket challenge has made.

  1. Just by reading this article, you’re becoming more aware of ALS, so the challenge has checked one of its priorities off its list.
  2. ALS stands for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease after the baseball player who was diagnosed in 1939. ALS is a neurodegenerative disease that affects the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Over time, the brains’ ability to control muscle movements decreases, often leading to paralysis and death.
  3. About 5,600 people in the United States are diagnosed with ALS each year.
  4. There is currently no cure for ALS, its progression varies from person to person, and the disease appears to be mostly random.
  5. The donations from July 29-August 13, 2014 have already totaled around $3.6 million, compared to $28,000 raised in donates last years from the same amount of time.
  6. So while the flowing buckets seem a bit silly, they are helping make strides in ALS research as each person takes even a minute of their day to learn more about this disease, besides the many donations this viral challenge has prompted.

Have you taken the challenge yet? Show your Jersey Strong spirit and join in to raise awareness for ALS, we know many of our WoWzers already have!


For more info on the ALC Ice Bucket Challenge, check out this article’s source here, or visit alsa.org.

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