What Jersey Strong Means to Me

WoW!  How cool.  After all the years at WoW, I’ve finally gotten my own platform to speak my mind.

JERSEY STRONG means the world to me.  WoW has been my home for over 10 years; actually 11 years this coming June 7th!  Who would’ve thought that just recently graduating from college, then waiting on tables at IHOP, that I would now be responsible for the production of all 10 WoW! locations and part of the corporate team where I serve as the sales director?

From the beginning, I loved the company and my new job.  I got to meet a ton of people and help them get them started on an exercise program. I guess I was a natural.  I’m definitely a people person and love helping people, mostly helping them work towards a goal that will effect them positively for the rest of their life. With a total of 21 counties in New Jersey, we are currently servicing 4 of them, Ocean, Mercer, Middlesex and Monmouth Counties.  With only 17 counties to go, Jersey is only destined to get stronger!

On a personal level, I’ve embraced a healthy lifestyle myself.  I work with my own personal trainer at WoW East Brunswick and WoW Ocean every week and keep up with cardio!

Directly, in my time at WoW, I estimate that I personally enrolled over 8,000 members and my team has been responsible for enrolling over 100,000 members and counting. I have a found a home at WoW and I am thrilled to welcome new family members every day.

I am Kevin Maurer and I am JERSEY STRONG.

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