It’s fitting that my first time as a blogger is for a series of blogs that WoW Staffers will write on what being JERSEY STRONG means to them. I don’t know all of the blogging rules, but it’s my blog and I think my story (a.ka. WoW’s story) is better told starting with the word STRONG.

For me, strength signifies independence and health, the ability to support yourself literally, physically and emotionally. About 20 years ago I started getting really into health and wellness. I exercised at a few local gyms and soon realized that none of them offered the services and environment I was looking for.

Also, at this time, my children were starting to grow up. Thankfully, my husband had a successful business and I didn’t “need” to work. But I wanted to do something for myself, as a woman, and as an individual. I wanted to prove to the world — and myself –  I could do it.

It was as if all parts of my life (physical, emotional, mental…and now professional) were pointing in the same direction. To be STRONG.

And then there is JERSEY.

When I think JERSEY, I think of my family. My husband and I have lived in Jersey for over 30 years. My son Stephen was just a baby when we moved to New Jersey, and Michael was born here. My BEAUTIFUL grandchildren, Soleil and Lincoln, were born in JERSEY. I think of Sunday dinners with my family. My first JERSEY houses were in Somerset, followed by Howell. I have clear, fond memories of my boys growing up in Marlboro, and the friends they made and still have. Now, I have the pleasure of living at the JERSEY shore and, oh how I LOVE THE SUMMERS!

I may have been born in Brooklyn, but JERSEY is my home. They say, “you can take the girl out of Brooklyn, but you can’t take the Brooklyn out of the girl,” which I firmly believe. But I also think there’s nothing quite like a JERSEY girl. Just ask Bruce.

So there you have it: By combining my desire for a healthy lifestyle with my motivation to open a business, and adding a whole ‘lotta’ family, WoW was born!

And that’s what being  JERSEY STRONG means to me.

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