The Wonder of Tomorrow

Sometimes life just sucks. You lock your keys in your car, ¬†you skipped your workout, you had a fight with your significant other, your pencil point breaks — whatever it is that puts you over edge — it can be a pretty big downer. But I’m realizing that no matter how bad the day is, you have to push through. Because beyond today is a beautiful thing…. beyond today is TOMORROW. A new day, with a clean slate, and the ability to put what happened prior where it belongs — in the past. And tomorrow brings all of these new possibilities and blessings.

For me, tomorrow may bring two beautiful babies into this world for my dear, dear friends who deserve them so much. Tomorrow may bring a new friendship — one that I never knew I needed until I found it. Tomorrow may bring a new attitude about myself. That I’m stronger than I’ve ever thought.

Even when today is rough — give TOMORROW a chance. Look forward to it. Put money on it. You never know what it’s going to bring.

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