Concession Stand Foods That Are Fair Game

‘Tis the season for baseball games, carnivals and concerts! And, as fabulous is that is for our social life, these events can take quite the toll on our quest to eat healthy. We know it’s tough to make a good choice in the sea of all of those goodies but, if you pick the right snacks today, you’re bound to feel a whole lot better tomorrow.

A typical hamburger really won’t do that much damage to your good day of eating, as long as it’s grilled. The great thing about it is that you can choose what you put on top. Load the beef patty up with lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles to give it flavor and crunch, and just be sure you hold the fattening toppings like cheese and mayo. Some places offer a giant barbecued turkey leg, as well. You may look like Fred Flintstone chowing down on a Brontosaurus limb while eating it, but, hey, you’re doing what you can.

Popcorn is probably the best snack choice you can make at one of these events. But don’t get sucked in to adding extra butter or caramel to the kernels. Just a handful of that fat-filled confection will plump up your calorie intake in a hurry. Many places also sell grilled corn on the cob, which is a great alternative. You’ll get some veggies in at a place where you least expected.

Speaking of veggies, head on over to the gyro or falafel stand and forgo the meat. While I choose to pass on the rotating slab of animal on a spit just because, feel free to do it for your health! Ask for a vegetarian pita, filled with peppers, onions and enjoy all the flavors of a gyro, minus the questionable meat.

If you’re craving something sweet, opt for frozen yogurt over ice cream. A smoothie made from fruit and non-fat yogurt is a refreshing alternative on a hot day. Cotton candy is pure sugar that will rot your fitness plan as quickly as your teeth, so you’re best to stay away from that fluffy goodness. But you can even indulge in a chocolate covered banana or a caramel apple. These treats, though not low-cal, keep portion size in tact, while getting some fruit into your bod.

Nobody’s perfect, and we’re certainly not out to ruin your summertime fun. Just try to use your brain when chowing down while out and about this summer. You may be cursing us now, but you’ll be singing our praises when you get that invite to your boss’ pool party.

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