Keeping Jersey Eggstra Strong

The chances that many eggs are in your weekend plans are pretty high. Besides all the chocolate eggs and bunnies filling candy dishes, we’re talking about hard boiled eggs for an egg hunt, or deviled eggs curbing your dinner appetite. Eggs may have gotten a bad reputation lately, but we have a few reasons why you should put down the chocolate eggs and dig into some of the real deal this weekend!

Jersey Strong

photo credit: HuffPost Healthy Living

There’s a reason deviled eggs are put out as an appetizer besides the fact that we just plain love them. This high protein snack early on will help curb cravings later in the day. Yes, that means when that candy bowl is filled to the top calling your name, you’ll be able to resist without wrecking havoc on your beach ready body.

Eggs are also good for your heart! The protein found in eggs may help reduce blood pressure by acting in a similar way to a hypertension medication. Moral of the story, reducing the risk of high blood pressure also comes with a reduced risk of heart disease, two risks we’re ok with not taking.

Berries aren’t the only ones that get to take all the antioxidant credit because eggs boast antioxidants too! Cooking eggs reduces the amount of antioxidants, but it’s still much more than a bag of chips and the same amount as an apple! This can help reduce the chances of both cancer and heart disease, leaving many more egg hunts in our futures.

If you’re Keeping JERSEY STRONG with us, you’re definitely going to want to grab an egg snack because they can improve your reflexes. A study found that an amino acid found in eggs helped participants make quicker responses. We always want to be on top of our game, so we are definitely going to be choosing a snack that doesn’t slow us down!

What healthy snacks are keeping you JERSEY STRONG? Let us know in the comments below or ask one of our trainers what foods could complement your fitness goals!

For more healthy benefits of eggs check out this article’s original source here.

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A Berry Sweet Treat

We love the nutrients a smoothie can pack in while tasting like a treat, but if you don’t pick your ingredients wisely, you could pack on more pounds instead of shedding them. Check out the tips below to make sure your smoothie will be keeping you JERSEY STRONG this summer!

Adding fiber to your smoothie will fill you up to avoid hunger and, resultantly, eat less as the day continues. Be sure to add fiber rich fruits and veggies like berries, kale, avocado, or chia seeds to include at least 10 grams of fiber in your smoothies.

Jersey Strong Smoothie

Make sure your smoothie is #JerseyStrong with the right ingredients! photo credit: FitSugar

A smoothie is a great substitute to your afternoon snack, as long as it’s providing enough protein to curb snacking throughout the rest of the day. Try to include at least 10 grams of protein to your shakes by using milk or soy milk, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, or protein powder.

Protein packed smoothies also curb hunger to avoid eating, that’s right, more smoothies! Having multiple fruit smoothies a day are definitely a better choice than other snack options, but, sadly, even these can be too much of a good thing. Natural sugars in fruit can still mean added calories and some fruit-packed smoothies can total 500 calories or more. Be sure to add in protein filled yogurt or nut butter to curb the fruit enthusiasm!

Before you add honey or maple syrup to sweeten your smoothie, reconsider the added calories it can tag onto your health conscious treat. Additional sugar is unnecessary if you are already using naturally sweet fruit, but you may be overlooking added sugars in fruit yogurt, sweetened milk, juice or canned fruits. Opt for fruit with plain yogurt to save on calories and unsweetened soy or almond milk. Once you cut out the added sweetness, you’ll find yourself preferring less sugar- a win for your diet overall!

As with most of our favorite foods, moderation is key, even when it comes to a healthy smoothie. If you find yourself filling up your blender’s canister to the top, you may want to split that smoothie in half before sipping away. Keeping track of healthy fats, natural sugars and calories, and plenty of protein will help you to enjoy your favorite snack while managing your weight loss goals!

If weight loss is your goal for the upcoming summer season, invest in yourself and enlist the help of our Personal Trainers! Try a free session to see how a Personal Trainer can help you reach your goals this spring!

For these and more smoothie tips and recipes, view this article’s original source here.

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Post Workout Weigh In

Have you been hitting the gym hoping to shed a few pounds before beach season but have a hard time seeing the number on the scale drop? You might be putting in the effort to Keep JERSEY STRONG at the gym, but making a few mistakes post-workout that are hurting your weight loss.

We understand the reward system, and we can’t say we don’t reward ourselves for a great workout sometimes. However, there can be too much of a good thing, and then your little reward isn’t so great anymore. Steer away from justifying that extra slice of pizza or cupcake because of your workout, they’ll add up on the scale.

Jersey Strong

Photo source: Google Images

Besides just over-indulging with your post-workout fuel, you may want to reconsider what you’ve been taking in after a workout altogether. Sports drinks are great to replenish electrolytes, but unless it’s been a workout of an hour or more, you may be consuming a lot of unnecessary calories.

Do you find yourself getting in a few extra errands between the gym and your arrival home? You might be waiting too long to refuel with the carbs and protein your body needs to rebuild muscle after a workout. Pack a snack in your gym bag containing these nutrients if you know you may not get a meal in immediately.

We’ve all been there, you have such a good workout in the begging of the week, you start to think of reasons (ahem, excuses) as to why you can skip out the rest of the week. Don’t nurse your sore muscles for 5 days; you won’t be helping yourself in the long run. Aim for at least 300 minutes of exercise every week to stay on track for your weight-loss goals.

If sore muscles seems to be your excuse to take a day, and then another day, off from the gym, if may be because you’re skipping your post workout stretch. With so many places to go and things to do, you find yourself overlooking your cool down as a waste of time, but not only will you not be able to give yourself the excuse of sore, tired muscles the next day, you’ll also avoid injury, an excuse you definitely don’t want to have to use.

Want to really see some serious results before Memorial Day? It’s not too late to register and begin our Shed It for the Shore contest with your favorite (or soon-to-be) Personal Trainer and get serious results just in time for beach season

Click here to view this article’s original source.

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Clean Up Your Spring Fitness Routine

We almost thought the day was not going to come, but finally, Wednesday marked the first day of spring! We’re not going to let the cold temps of winter lingering around keeping our spirits down. We’re ready to take advantage of the seasonal transitions and giving spring-cleaning a whole new meaning as we revamp our workout routines and healthy habits to get ready for warmer days and a JERSEY STRONG summer!

Spring Workouts

Photo credit: Huffington Post

Did your New Year resolutions seem to get pushed aside? Take into account what you were able to fit into your schedule and set new goals that are more realistic for your lifestyle, keeping in mind what you’re working towards. Don’t set out to start working out five days a week. The first week you miss that schedule you’re likely to get unmotivated altogether. Instead, start small and gradually work to your ideal goal.

Refresh your routine by challenging yourself in new ways. Instead of just adding some pushups onto the end of your workout, roundup some moves; pushups, squats, jumping jacks, jump rope, and instead of trying a few every couple days, create your own circuit workout. Time yourself and you’ve created a brand new workout that will challenge you to beat your time or up your rep count every week!

We often tell you grab a gym buddy because ‘exercise loves company’ (quote: Mary Roma). We still think this is true, but maybe your gym buddy let you down or can’t always make it. Take to the social world and find some fitspiration at any time! Have you visited our Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest pages? Have a question for our team? Send us a message, we love to chat and hear about your progress! Search your favorite social channel for Facebook or Pinterest groups and you’re sure to find thousands of other like-minded people with the same goals! Share tips, get advice, and best of all, get motivated!

During our spring cleaning we’re not only getting rid of those dust bunnies that have sought refuge in dark corners all winter long, we’re getting deep into the food pantry and finally parting ways with some of the foods that bring us regret in the morning. There will be no more late night indulging for us!

Do you remember the last time you got a physical? It was probably right before junior year when you decided to join the track team because you found out you could throw things. Schedule an appointment with your family doctor for a physical to keep track of things like, cholesterol, blood pressure and any possible vitamin deficiencies. Doing so will help you design a workout that’s best for you, and don’t worry you don’t need to hand in a signed form before next Friday.

What are your new goals for spring and how do you plan to achieve them? Let us know, we’d love to hear how you plan on Keeping Jersey Strong! Need a little extra motivation? We can help! Register for our Shed It for the Shore competition and let one of our personal trainers lead you to swimsuit season with a beach body!


Find these tips and more here.

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Lucky Lean Meals

We love St. Patrick’s Day because we have high hopes that when everyone wants to eat green food for the holiday, they’re immediately going to choose wonderfully fresh green veggies and make creative casseroles, side plates, and healthy crudité. However, we know green beer and lots of food dye will be in many weekend diets instead. Make it a Jersey Strong St. Patrick’s day with some healthier alternatives of hearty Irish favorites, no food dye required.

Jersey Strong

photo credit: Eating Well

The weather has been unpredictable lately. We’re not sure if we want to go green with a cool bowl of guacamole or still need to warm up with a bowl of chili. Instead we’ll opt for an Irish lamb stew to get our fill of potatoes, leeks and carrots while trimming off any signs of fat from the lamb to keep this dish lean.

For some of us, ordering fish and chips is as Irish as we get, but that fried batter is not so lucky for our diets. Enjoy your favorite Irish dish by using whole-wheat flour for your batter. If you’re feeling really creative, used crushed corn flakes for your breading and bake fish instead of frying. Top with fresh mango salsa to remember it may be March, but really it’s that much closer to summer (oh yea, and because it’s healthier than tartar).

Don’t worry, we have a solution if Shepard’s Pie is your guilty pleasure. This can be a heavy dish, but to keep it a bit lighter, substitute frozen-squash puree for the potato topping. Also, to avoid over indulging, make your pies in single serve ramekins for perfect portion control.

If you lose control and have too many green beers, try to stay hydrated while doing to avoid wrecking all your hard work from the previous week! Or make the most of your time and avoid all those temptations and include your favorite green accessory into your weekend, your Jersey Strong key tag with a trip, or two, to your favorite WoW!

To find these recipes and more, click here.

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Jersey Strong from the Inside Out

There’s good reason to celebrate the entire month of March, it’s National Nutrition Month! So feel free to pop bottles (of your favorite Blueprint juice), take some extra shots (wheatgrass shots, obviously), or get wild and spent your weekends at your favorite barre (see what we did there?). Follow our tips to help you make nutrition your top priority this month!

Jersey Strong

Image source: Google Images

With most of the month ahead of you, create a plan of how you want to incorporate nutrition into your lifestyle. Remember the saying “fail to plan, then you plan to fail,” and don’t make failure an option. Create a weekly menu and hit the supermarket on a day that works for you. By planning your meals for the week, you’ll never have the dreaded ‘what’s for dinner’ question, or a reason to hit a fast food joint at the last minute.

A plan will also help you buy what is necessary for your weekly menu and not stock up on unhealthy foods you don’t need in the house. Whether or not you prepare meals in advance, only having healthful foods available means you will only eat healthy foods! It’s that simple; get rid of the foods you don’t want to eat, and we have a feeling when that 9pm craving hits, you won’t want to run out to the store and you’ll be snacking on baby carrots instead!

Finding it hard to fit in your fruits and veggies? This month try subbing a piece of fruit or a raw veggie snack with your lunch instead of chips. After a workout you may be craving several quick foods that will obviously be a bad choice, but fruit or veggies can give you a satisfying crunch and curb your hunger.

While planning out your meals for the week, you may want to reconsider the order of your calorie intake. Saving the biggest meal for dinner? By making breakfast and lunch your biggest meals, you’ll find yourself needing a smaller dinner and limiting nighttime snacks.

What nutritious swaps are you making this month? Need an extra boost of motivation? Enlist the help of our personal training team to help you make healthy food choices as well as the training it takes to tie your healthy lifestyle together!

To read this article’s original source click here. 

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Germs, Germs, Go Away

If you haven’t been sick yet this chilly winter, chances are you definitely know someone who has come down with a nasty stomach virus or flu. If you have, you understand the hunger feelings after a few days being sick, yet a little skeptical of what you should be eating. We have some tips to help you reemerge into your past life of eating your favorite foods and getting a hard workout in without making your ill stomach worse than it already feels.

Jersey Strong

Photo Credit: Google Images

While you may be going a bit stir crazy stuck in the house for days on end, its important to catch up on rest. We know you’ve heard this before, but your favorite primetime TV show is going to have to wait because it is most important to find yourself in a more valuable, deep sleep around 2am (that means getting to sleep earlier!), than trying to catch up by sleeping in.

When you do head back to work feeling a bit better, you should consider making that the extent of your daily activities. The happy hour at your favorite bar may have to wait for another week. Instead grab a book, catch up reading your favorite blog, or rest up watching a movie.

When you’re on the road to recovery, you begin to think about your favorite foods you’re craving after a few days stuck on soap and saltines, but before you rush to get a not-so-nutritious meal, keep in mind some foods that will actually help you feel better faster. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids to rehydrate and also flush out excess mucus from a cold. Avoid dairy to avoid an extended mucus issue and instead stick with food that is easily digestible like rice, toast, and saltines. Look to fresh fruits and veggies for antioxidants that will give you immune system the boost it needs to fight off any lingering infections.

Now to our favorite part, getting back in the gym! While we love seeing our WoWzers every day, when you’re feeling under the weather we appreciate you taking the time to rest up, recover, and most of all keep your germs contained. As long as your fever has subsided, you’re good to hit the gym, even better knowing that heating up your body can help you recover faster. At the same time, we encourage you to take it slow when first getting back. Realize your body may be dehydrated and you may need to work up to the same routine you were doing only a few days prior.

For more tips and to see this article’s original source, continue reading here.


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See Who’s Tired at Sochi

What is one thing Olympic U.S. figure skater, Jeremy Abbott, made sure to bring to the Olympic Village in Sochi? A mattress. After having an uncomfortable sleep experience in Vancouver, he realized getting a good night’s sleep before his performance was worth the extra luggage. But even that didn’t work out when Abbott decided to leave the Olympic Village.

NJ Gym

Don’t let this happen to you! (Photo credit: Google Images)

Abbott has made a clear point that sleep is key to your performance no matter what sport you are partaking in. While we’re always focusing on putting in our best effort at the gym, proper rest allows you to recover better from previous workouts and help you perform your best the following day. Especially, when competition becomes just as mental as it is physical, it is important to have clear, well rested mind.

Feeling a little scattered lately? After catching up on some z’s you’ll realize just how much sleep matters! Sleep deprivation causes a snowball effect on your health. Your lack of sleep will cause stress attempting to get things done on less energy. In turn, you’ll start to recognize bad choices being made because you’re thinking with an unclear mind. And don’t think about time to clean. While trying to constantly catch up on work and sleep, organization won’t be your first priority. Soon, you’ll start to look as bad as you feel with signs of stress like dark under eye circles and faint wrinkles.

Be sure to rest properly from hard workouts. We’re fans of incorporating classes like yoga and Group Centergy and foam rolling into our weekly routine to make sure we’re stretching all of our worked muscles! How do you make sure your body gets the proper rest?

Find Abbott’s original interview and more reasons to get a good night’s sleep here.

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The Couple that Works Out Together

Sharing a box of heart shaped chocolates isn’t the only way to spend some time with a loved one this Valentine’s Day weekend. Whether you’re celebrating a relationship or a friendship, make the most of your bonding time with a Jersey Strong partner work out. Try these exercises to turn your significant other into your ‘swolemate’ in no time!

Partner Workouts

Photo credit: Google images

Dancing isn’t for everyone, but you can practice what we like to call a ‘gym-tango’ with these partner lunges. Stand face to face with your partner; take a step to lunge forward as your partner is forced to take a step into a lunge back. Not only will you get a great leg workout, you’ll also be able to spend some close face-to-face time at the gym!

Want a closer interaction and a killer workout? Heart opening side planks not only sound great for Valentine’s Day and are always a great exercise, but they can be fun to do with a partner. Start out slow by doing these back-to-back with your partner; working on your core, hip stability, and back strength while also chancing some butt-to-butt contact. Who thought side planks could be so romantic? Take it a step further by passing a weight to each other while in your plank position, and then lift the weight with your free hand as your extend into your heart opening side plank.

Work your chest and shoulders with your ‘swolemate’ by performing some hand-slap push-ups. In push-up position face your partner, leaving about a foot of free space in between. In between a push-up, reach with your right hands for a slap; after your next push-up, reach with your left hands. Alternate during your set to not only spend time at the gym together, but encourage your hard work with a hand slap and even push out a few more reps!

So get a friend or your significant other and give them the gift of health this Valentine’s Day weekend! If you need to work off an extra box of chocolates you couldn’t keep your hands off of, don’t worry, our WoW trainers can help you get back to beach body training in no time!

Find the original source for this article here.

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Home, Jersey Strong Home

We are pleased to announce that the The Jersey Strong Foundation® continues the mission of KEEPING JERSEY STRONG beginning our partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Monmouth County this past weekend, providing appliances for a family in need rebuilding their home due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

Appliances were delivered to the first home of the partnership, currently in the midst of construction in Union Beach. After being completely demolished following Hurricane Sandy, Habitat for Humanity has been rebuilding the house with the help of volunteers and is nearing the finishing stages to install appliances.

This is the first of three such families that the Jersey Strong Foundation will be partnering with Habitat for Humanity to help in the first quarter of 2014.

Stay tuned for more updates on how and where we are KEEPING JERSEY STRONG next! We thank you for your donations of time, money and support to the foundation so we can continue to help the families of New Jersey recover and rebuild.

Jersey Strong Foundation

Habitat for Humanity volunteers and and home owner on site of house rebuild in Union Beach, NJ

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